Life Insurance for Smokers


It’s no secret that a person who is a smoker will pay more for their life insurance than a nonsmoker. As a smoker, a person puts themselves in a category that has a much higher mortality rate than those who don’t smoke. To get the best possible rates, a tobacco user will have to do the same research that a nonsmoker does. Contacting multiple companies and getting quotes is the first thing to do. It’s standard procedure for them to ask someone if they are...

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Do I Need Burial Insurance?

The inevitability of death means the certainty of a funeral and burial. Just as it is impossible to avoid death, it is also impossible to bypass massive final expenses relating to your burial. Although prices of funerals vary widely, the average funeral today costs thousands of dollars. That estimate does not even include the additional amenities that are included in a modern funeral ceremony. Your hard-earned savings might not be able to cover all of the burial costs. As a result, your family would have...

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An Explanation Of Medicare Supplement Plan F

plan f

It is a great idea to choose one of the Medicare Supplement Plans.  They help to ensure that any gaps in coverage from Medicare Plan A and Plan B are filled.  However, it can be very confusing to figure out which supplement plan to buy. One of the more comprehensive supplement plans that is available is Medicare Plan F.  Consumers and private insurers both favor Plan F.  This is due to the fact that participants often end up getting all necessary care without need to...

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Choosing No Exam Life Insurance Policies

no medical insurance

If you are concerned that there are certain issues that would make getting an affordable life insurance policy impossible, look into no exam life insurance products. Your life insurance agent or broker can help you select one that works for your specific needs. These products generally cost more, but they are often more affordable than going without insurance altogether. There are ways to save money on a no exam life insurance policy. First, choose products from companies that have proven backgrounds. These companies are more...

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Why You Need To Start Planning For Retirement Now

planning for retirement

Everyone at some point wakes up to the fact that he or she really needs to save for retirement. For some people, this realization comes early, and for others, it’s late. Everyone retires, and when that happens, you will still need money, lots of it.. The biggest hurdle to having wonderful retirement years remains the gigantic task of thinking about the huge amount of savings needed for retirement. At first glance, such a figure, even for the relatively wealthy person, seems impossible. The question on...

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Hello and Welcome

Sam Moore Charicature

Hello and welcome to my new site. My name is Samuel Moore. I have spent most of my adult life in the financial industry, and before that, I saw both my parents working in the financial sector as an insurance agent (dad) and a mortgage broker (mom). After following my dad into the insurance industry for awhile, I moved on to work as a financial consultant for both personal and commercial consumers. One common thread I have seen throughout my work life is the lack...

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